Step 3: Select Important Settings

For security and convenience, it is important to modify your Google+ settings. Below I’ve included how to modify Privacy Settings and Notification Settings.


Privacy Settings

To set privacy settings, navigate to the menu in the top, right corner of your Google Plus account. Click on “Google+ settings.”

Screen capture of where to locate Google Plus settings

Next, select “Profile and privacy” from the menu on the left.

To edit what content on your profile is visible to who, click “Edit visibility on profile”.

All of the small circles indicate the option to edit visibility. I’ll demonstrate how to edit the visibility status of the yellow, highlighted circle.

After clicking on the circle, a menu appears.

1. By unchecking the first box, no one viewing your profile can see which people are in your circles or the number of contacts in your circles.

2. If you choose to keep the first box checked, you can choose to show one, some, or all of your circles. Visitors will only ever be able to see the total number of people in all of the circles you choose to reveal, but never how many people are in which circles, and never the names of your circles.

3. If the the first box is checked and you’ve selected which circles to share, you then decide whether you would like to share this information with anyone on the web, or only the people in your circles.

4. Last, choose whether or not you want to show who has added you to their circles, and click “Save”.

Continue on to specify your visibility preferences for all of the parts of your profile.


Notification Settings

In order to customize your notification settings, navigate back to the menu in the top, right corner of your Google Plus account. Click on “Google+ settings”.

This will take you directly to the Notification Settings Page. Decide which events (mentions, comments, tags, etc.) you would like to receive notification for, either through email or SMS (Short Message Service) text message, and check the boxes accordingly.

My personal settings are shown below, but choose yours according to your own preferences.

Google+ notification settings

You can always return to these same pages to adjust your settings as you learn more about how you want to use Google Plus.

Step 3, Complete

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